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Tanis Daniels Canada

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About me

I am fun to hang around and I love scray movies and hang out with my buddies and drinking slurpies and eating chips (=


I bascilly just go on the comeputer and watch tv and eat chips and play video games and drink pop or slurpies...or I sometimes read my book called The Vampire Diaries* (=


umm.....Makes me wonder..Enjoy the Silence..Ice..I feel it in your bones..and to much i dont feel like adding (=

Movies and TV:

Movies= Avatar and Alice in the wonderland & agian to much lol....T.V= um..Wizards of Waverly PLace...& Sonny with A Chance..and most but not least THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (=


Um I like to play football and go swimming and skiing its fun & well soccer (=




I Love The Vampire Diaries so much I LOVE IT SO MUCH <3


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